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Roofing Calculator – Estimate Metal Roofing Prices:

The roof calculator bellow will help you estimate roof prices for following metal roofing systems:

Calculate prices to install a new roof:

Metal Roofing Calculator – plug in your roof dimensions and get metal roof prices instantly.

Roof dimensions: x feet (use numbers only)
Choose Roof Slope:
Relative Roof Difficulty:
Tear off existing roof:
Sky-lights flashing:
Chimney flashing:
– Roof price will appear bellow

Approximate Roofing project price (press ‘Calculate Roof Price’ button to get results) – Sometimes you will have to wait a few seconds to get the price results:

Roofing prices are estimated, and will vary based on your geographic location, local market conditions and and other factors, such as fluctuating costs of roofing materials.

Your roofing installation costs will vary greatly with the choice of roofing materials being installed, your roof’s overall size, roof pitch, and a relative degree of complexity of the roof. Figures obtained with the roofing calculator, reflect hiring experienced roofing contractors with the right experience, tools, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Roofing prices are calculated based on the assumption that you are working with a reputable, fully licensed and insured roofing contractor.

How to use this roofing calculator

Step 1: For best results, we recommend that you take ground dimensions of your roof: using a 100 feet tape measure. Take measurements of the outside perimeter of your home’s exterior walls and plug in the numbers into the calculator.

Step 2: Once you’ve measured you house ground dimensions, measure the roof pitch, using level + tape measure or simple Pythagorean theory – you can use this – guide to get most accurate roof slope measurements.

Step 3: Choose appropriate roof difficulty, based on you actual roof construction.

Step 5: Choose the number of existing roof layers that will have to be removed before a metal roof is installed. Keep in mind that most local building codes allow up-to 2 layers of roofing materials, so a metal roof can usually be installed over 1 layer of asphalt shingles, but a standing seam roofing sheets should always be installed over a clean roof deck. Otherwise the singles will punch through the metal panels and you will see ugly horizontal lines – the so called “metal roof telegraphing effect”.

Step 5: Choose the number of skylights and chimneys that will have to be flashed by the metal roofing contractor.

Step 6: Click the “calculate roofing prices” button and the roof prices will appear right bellow the button. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for results to appear, so be patient. Roof calculator results will include prices, estimated energy savings and estimated roof lifespan, for most common materials and systems.


Metal roofing prices provided by this roof calculator are averaged to reflect most residential roofing markets in continental US, and may be different from what your local metal roofing contractor will quote you. Metal roofing prices in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the rest of New England and North Eastern US, will be in the upper end of spectrum, whereas prices in Mid-West and South will be in the lower end of the spectrum.

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